Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goose egg

So some background:
When professors let me knit in class, I knit a thank-you gift for them.  Think about it, you're up there, trying to impress on students the ever-importance of whatever it is you're trying to teach, and some girl sits there, looks at you blankly, hands all-busy knitting.  It can be pretty intimidating.

I'm taking a class with a professor I had last year.  He lets me knits, so I am happy.  Although when I was in his office, I noticed that the things I knit for him (including a scarf he requested) were piled on and around a toy goose in his window.  So that's how it goes; I knit for him, he gifts it to his goose.  So why pretend otherwise?  I am knitting for his goose, I might as well knit something the goose will appreciate.

So here it is: the goose egg.  Mods: I knit this on big needles (sz 10), increased to 13 sts per needle instead of 9 as written in pattern, knit until it was sufficiently long, then started the decreases as written in pattern.

I'm not super happy with it, the decreases are a bit too aesthetic and I needed to cinch them up, making the top (bottom?) a bit too bulky.  Also, I used a fiber-fill that's too squishy and doesn't hold shape too well.  At least it's for a toy.

His reaction:
This professor knows damn well that I do not appreciate my knit-gifts becoming playthings for his goose, so when I told him "I brought your end-of-the-term present" he said, "for my goose?".  Oh yes, Professor, I am a step ahead of you.  He laughed and put the egg under the goose ("His new accessory!") and noted how much he liked the eggshell white color of the egg (as opposed to sterile white).  Success!

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  1. I am so glad I stalked your journal long enough to find this post. Oh flapjack.