Saturday, March 5, 2011


In lieu of paying for this pattern, please consider donating to your local domestic abuse advocacy center.

Materials needed:
Size 6 needles
Size 9 circular needles, 16"
Size 9 double-pointed needles (optional)
Yarn needle
Two buttons you love
Around 200 yards of worsted weight yarn (I used Cascade 220 and had plenty left over)

Skills needed:
Knit (K)
Purl (P)
Knit front & back (Kfb)
Knit 2 together (K2tog)
Purl 2 together (P2tog)
Slip slip knit (ssk)
Yarn over (YO)
Picking up stitches
Sewing on buttons
Blocking (optional)

This is a great website with videos on these and other stitches.


Using size 6 needle
Cast on 30 stitches

R1 K all
R2 P all (WS)
R3 K all
R4 P all (WS)
R5 K all
R6 *P4, P2tog* until last six, P3, P3tog
R7 *K3, P1* repeat until end of row
R8 *K1, P3* repeat until end of row

Repeat rows 7 & 8 until brim is long enough to wrap around your head, ending with row 8.

Buttonhole row: *K2, P1* twice, YO, K2tog, P1, *K2, P1* twice, YO, P2tog, *K2, P1* twice
Repeat rows 7 & 8 once
Increase row: *K4, Kfb* repeat until end of row
R1 P all (WS)
R2 K all
R3 P all (WS)
R4 K all
R5 P all (WS)
Bind off loosely

If you wish, block band lightly.  Sew buttons onto the WRONG SIDE of the back ruffle so they match up with the buttonholes.  Button the band together to make the base of your hat.

Using your size 9 circular needles, pick up 50 stitches, place marker, and join in the round
R1: K all
R2: Kfb all stitches (If you don't like this increase, you can do a lifted-loop method of increasing) (100 stitches)
R3 and beyond: knit in stockinette (knit all stitches) until hat measures 6 1/2" from bottom of brim.  If you knit for longer, the hat will be slouchier (I knit until about 8").

Continue to knit on your circular needles, switching to double points when it becomes too difficult to work on circulars.
R1: *K8, ssk* until last 9 stitches, K9
R2: *K7, ssk* repeat until end of round
R3: *K6, ssk* repeat until end of round
R4: *K5, ssk* repeat until end of round
R5: *K4, ssk* repeat until end of round
R6: *K3, ssk* repeat until end of round
R7: *K2, ssk* repeat until end of round
R8: *K1, ssk* repeat until end of round
R9: *ssk* repeat until end of round

Using your yarn needle, cinch up remaining stitches and tie a secure knot.



  1. Love your hat!!
    Will be buying yarn to make, Thanks for sharing your pattern...

  2. Ahhh how exciting! I can't wait to see it!