Friday, March 11, 2011


I don’t know what it is about the Embarcadero, but I really love to say it. 
I'm looking forward to taking this hat with me on my upcoming spring break trip to visit my Love in San Francisco!

I've been wanting to make Ferry Hat for so long....well, really since Ashley made since the summer.  I finally got a hold of the pattern so I'm PUMPED.

I modified it, of course, because fitted hats look a little dumb on my curly hair (which is really sad, because so many beautiful hats are fitted).  

So I made the base a standard slouchy hat -- size 4 needles for the brim, size 9 for the body.  I used double-stranded fingering weight cotton in burnt orange (a Christmas gift from Eddie).  The yarn was kind of annoying to work with, because it was already really easy to separate 3-ply, and double-stranding it meant one or two strands would not make it to the right hand needle.  Sad day.  

This hat and I have already been through a lot together, I held it close while watching Inglourious Basterds (and fast-forwarding through some of the more gruesome scenes).  

I used some leftover tosh merino light for the octopus; just touching the yarn and looking at it reminds me of how much I want need more madelinetosh.  Also I misread the pattern so I knit the octopus double-stranded on I have a GIANT octopus!

I crocheted double-stranded too, which made the tentacles really interesting in their color combination.

I put off finishing this hat because I was convinced the tentacles would take too long, but once I buckled down it was actually pretty quick.

Oh, and I look naked in these photos; trust that I am not.  My shirt is pink.

Ravelry project page

The coolest thing happened!  I was in ImagiKnit and one of the employees told me he was looking at my hat on Ravelry a few days before.  I am famous!  What are the odds of that, really, with me living in Chicago and visiting San Francisco so infrequently.  It was amazing.

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