Monday, March 14, 2011

To-knit list

Finals destroy my knitting productivity; this is a sad reality.  Although I should mention that I don't have any final exams actually, just papers.  Yesterday I camped out in the library from 2 to midnight and got all my papers finished, so now I'm in the revision stages, anxious to print out the finished work.  So I do have time to knit, but I'm not.  I should probably start something tonight though.

So here's what's on my to-knit list!

Textured Vest by Erika Knight

Eddie loves sweatervests and after knitting a baby-vest, I'm excited to start one for Eddie.  I got some glorious Wool of the Andes in spruce, but I'm worried I may not have purchased enough.  We'll see, I can always order more.

Cabled Kindle sleeve by Emily Nimz

I am a book snob.  This is just who I am.  I am willing to go for the jugular in the Dostoyevsky/Nabokov and Joyce/Woolf debates (for the record, team Nabokov & Woolf).  So why own a Kindle?  Kindles take away much of the joys of reading -- actually holding the book in your hands, crinkling the pages.  Also, some one could come up and steal your Kindle; no one's going to come up and steal a book I'm reading.  Plus there's no competitive market for Kindle files like there are for books; I can't go to a used Kindle file store like I can go to a used bookstore.  So I must be knitting the Kindle sleeve for someone else, right?  No.  My school had this incentive to get students to study harder -- if you showed Residence Life an A you got on a paper or test, they would enter you in a raffle for, among other things, a gift card to buy a Kindle.  I won (yay!), so now I must knit a cozy for it.  Eddie laughed that I looked up knitting patterns before looking up which books I could download.


Summer Affair by Carol Feller

Eddie & I got engaged a few months ago, and while I am beyond excited for the wedding, I have to make sure not to get ahead of myself.  We are both still in school, so we wouldn't be getting married until next summer at the absolute earliest.  Still, it is fun to plan and look at knitting patterns.  Eddie wants to get married in a Catholic Church, and from what I hear, it's best to practice some modesty.  Several ravelers have used this pattern to make wedding shawls and they are GORGEOUS, just gorgeous.  


Something Blue by Elizabeth Bagwell

Maybe I'm just lazy, but I loathe the idea of knitting a garter on 00s.  I could handle 3s or even 2s, but 00s?  That's a joke.  No way.  I really like that the model photo for this project has optional embellishments, it's so pretty.  Although I am not a fan of the groom removing the garter during the reception...that's a little trashy.  

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