Wednesday, July 25, 2012


In lieu of paying for this pattern, please consider donating to your local domestic abuse advocacy center.

Materials needed:
US Size 6 (4.25mm) circular needle, 24" at least
Yarn needle (for weaving in ends)
Stitch markers
Two skeins fingering weight, at least 330 yards each. 
The yellowish shawl used to skeins of Malabrigo Sock in Ochre and Primavera.  The blueish shawl used one skein of madelinetosh tosh merino light in mica and one skein of Ella Rae Lace Merino color 115.

Skills needed:

Cast-on (co)
Knit (k)
Purl (p)
Knit front & back (kfb)
Make 1 left (m1l)
Make 1 right (m1r)
Slip slip knit (ssk)
Knit 2 together (k2tog)
Yarn-over (yo)
Bind-off (bo)

Using main color (mc), co 4
r 1 : kfb all (8 stitches)
r 2: k3, pfb, pfb, k3 (10 sts)

switch to contrast color (cc)
r 3: k3, kfb to last 3 sts, k3 (14 sts)
r 4: k3, p to last 3 sts, k3 (14 sts)

switch to mc
r 5 : k3, *Place marker (pm), m1r, k1* 3 times, *k1, m1l, pm* 3 times, k3
r 6 : k3, purl all stitches and slip all markers, k3

switch to cc:
r 7 : k all, slipping all markers
r 8 : p all, slipping all markers

switch to mc:
r 9: K3, *SM, M1R, K to marker* 3 times, knit to marker, M1L, SM, *knit to marker, M1L, SM* 3 times, K3
r 10 : P all, slipping all markers

Repeat rows 7-10 until there are 25 sts between each set or markers (50 for the middle section), or 206 stitches


Lace Edging (mc):

r 1 : *yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo* repeat until end
r 2 : purl all stitches
r 3 : *yo, k2tog, k1, ssk, yo* repeat until end
r 4 : purl all stitches

Repeat these 4 rows until desired length, ending with row 4


Modified picot edging (cc)

Knit one row, discarding all markers
Purl one row
Bind off 2 stitches as normal, *co 2, bo 2, co 2, bo 6* repeat until end

Weave in ends and block.


Monday, July 23, 2012

My little knits had a photo shoot yesterday... the conservatory of flowers.  Here are some highlights

Not included: the dozens of photos of me with hair in my face.  Thanks, wind.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Divisadero, Big & Bulky

In lieu of paying for this pattern, please consider donating to your local domestic abuse advocacy center.

Materials needed:
US Size 15 (10mm) 16" circular needles
One skein of Berroco Vintage, or another worsted weight yarn of your choice, held double.  About 200 yards.
Yarn needle (for weaving in ends)
Stitch marker

Skills needed:
Knit (K)
Purl (P)
Double yarn-over (YO, YO)

Now for a very quick version of Divisadero


CO 50 stitches.  Join in the round, careful not to twist stitches.
Rounds 1-3: Knit
Round 4: Purl
Round 5: *yo, yo, k1* repeat until end of round
Round 6: Purl all, dropping the yarn overs
Repeat rounds 1-6 one time

Knit 7 rounds

Repeat rounds 1-6
Bind off.

How easy was that?


Sunday, July 1, 2012

A brief to-knit list and a wishlist of sorts

I love being around yarn all day and taking inspiration from the projects people are starting, but it threatens the very foundation of my finances -- I want to make it all.  Somebody gets yarn for a chunky triple wrap infinity scarf, I wanna make it.  Somebody gets yarn for a giant toy, I wanna make it.  I need to know where to draw the line, so I don't end up with a stash of yarn bigger than me and no plan to make a dent in it.

My new to-knit list:

....or as I like to call it, the woodlet.  There's a hood on display at ImagiKnit and I find myself staring at it longingly so often.  But I don't really like normal scarves, with the wrapping and the knotting and the falling.  I prefer cowl, or in this case capelet, type creations.  How fantastic is this?  I don't know if I'd get daily use out of it (I'm sure Chicago would provide plenty blisteringly cold opportunities), but I just love it so much.

Just look at that sweet, sweet drape.  Knit in DK yarn, this would be a change from the light fingering weight shawls towards which I always gravitate.  I could wear it all day every day, and it'd be awesome in coral.  

This yarn would showcase a skein of hand-painted yarn perfectly (as it does so in the photo).  I am tempted to make another broken rib hat, but I've just done that with Tosh DK, and aren't we supposed to be pushing ourselves?  I long for this in green, which brings me to...

My new (incredibly truncated) yarn wishlist:

Tosh DK (or heavier) in Jade

Blue Sky Bulky in Fawn (1005)

Twirl in Coral Bells

Superfine Merino in Sunset
(same micron count as cashmere!  That means you get the feel of cashmere for the price of merino!)

All yarns are available at ImagiKnit :)