Monday, March 28, 2011

Back from San Francisco and slightly chilly

Spring break was lovely, I flew out early on the 16th and returned late last night (the 27th).  It was a much longer trip than I normally get to have, but as Saturday and finally Sunday rolled around, I was once again take aback by how quickly the week and a half went by.

The trip yielded zero finished objects but two projects on the needles and some glorious Tosh.

I am almost half-way done with a sweatervest for Eddie -- I started the project the day I flew out, casting on while riding the train and knitting through the ride.  I worked on it early in the trip, while Eddie was in class and during the one-day overlap when Eddie was not in San Francisco, but I stopped knitting for the most part when Eddie and I had more time with each other...I'm okay with that :)

I also started Divisadero -- an eyelet cowl I'm designing that may or may not have fringe.  Of course I'm using Tosh, in what I think is byzantine.

Airplane lighting is weird

sneak peeks courtesy of my cell phone

I knit the Kindle Cozy by Amanda Pacheco just before I left.  I wasn't feeling in the round knitting, so this flat and seamed cozy fit the bill perfectly.  The eyelets keep the project interesting to look at and work on.  I used wool, which was not the best choice because of the fuzzies.  I might remake this in cotton later, but I really love the vibrant orange.

I bound off too tightly so the cozy kind of cinches on the end.  It doesn't bother me all that much, but it's a bummer because otherwise it's so cute.  I sewed the buttons on so they'd face backwards; if I sewed the buttons on correctly, the front on the cozy would showcase my errors in the pattern and I'm not feeling that at all.

I started and finished this project in one day -- good thing kindles are so tiny.

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