Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Lamb Cuffs, or Sheepie the Wristie

I love sheep.  I think they're so cute.  My love for lambs got worse with the birth of Sleepie the Sheepie.  So when I saw the pattern for Baby Lamb Cuffs, I freaked out in the best way.  I'm not a fan of knitting with double-point needles, although I really appreciate the finished product.  Still, especially when doing intarsia, I'd prefer flat knitting.  So imagine the joy when I found out the cuffs were knitted flat!  So excited.

I'm pulling from my stash from this one, namely some glorious yarn my Love got me for Christmas -- Blue Sky Alpaca Silk (50% alpaca 50% silk) in peacock.  For the sheep, the fur is knit from Naturally Caron Spa and the body is knit from what I think is Plymouth Encore Worsted that I used to make a hat for Eddie once.

The Alpaca Silk is glorious.  It's a really deep and interesting teal and the size of the yarn is well suited for this project.  I don't love Naturally Caron Spa but I do have between two and three balls of it somehow, so I am going to use it!  It's pretty splitty, but it's a good fit for this project because it's about as fine as Alpaca Silk.  Encore was not a good fit, it's disproportionately bulky and I lost a little stitch definition between the sheepie's legs.  That being said, I love the overall color combination and the sheep's fur has this raised look that is adorable.

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