Saturday, April 30, 2011


I was disappointed by 300.  I heard it was going to be incredibly awe-strikingly violent and it wasn't.  Then I thought about the implications of my disappointment and grew deeply disturbed; when a film's reputation is that of violence and gore, I expect near-undeliverable levels of grotesqueness.  The films whose violence I find truly, shakingly violent are films I don't want my loved ones to see.  Film-depictions of violence are most disturbing -- for me -- when there is a human element, when you can see the pain being felt by the actors.  300 didn't deliver that level of violence, and for that I am grateful, but I would be better off if I didn't seek out the mega-Hollywood over-embellished films.


I used most of my glorious tosh merino light in moorland on my storm cloud shawlette, but I didn't use all of it. Tosh is so magnificent and I don't like accruing small amounts of left-over yarn, so I looked for a cabled headband pattern and found: The Leonidas by J

I used a size 4 needle and double-stranded the tosh, and probably used a size 3 needle for cabling.  I knit about 10-11 inches of cabling and added an i-cord to either end (which is a mod a lot of people have done).


It's so simple, I love it!  I want to make another one out of my leftover tosh byzantine.  It's soft, doesn't hurt when I wear it all day, and the variegation of the yarn makes for an interesting headband.  I'm very happy with it :)

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