Monday, April 25, 2011

The sweatervest!

If I had buckled down and knit Eddie's sweatervest as my primary project, I could have gotten it done in under two weeks...but I didn't.  I started it when I flew out for spring break, worked on it for a few days, then let it sit for maybe three weeks.  It knit up quickly by the time I picked it up again, so I wish I wouldn't have procrastinated like a bum.  But hey, it's a good Easter present!

This is my first and certainly not last time using Wool of the Andes.  It's so affordable and the color -- Spruce -- is fantastic.  I wish it were better reflected in the photo.

I made size XL per Eddie's chest measure, but it's so bulky everywhere else that I could have done with a size smaller.  It looks really nice under his sport coat, but if he wore it over a button-down shirt it would hang a bit too much.

Due to gauge, I used size 9 for the ribbing and size 10 for the body.  I skipped the side seaming details because they seemed a little unnecessary.  I spaced on the front panel so the neck detail is significantly shorter than the design, but it's not like Eddie would notice any difference.  I slipped the first stitch of every row which made it really easy to seam up; the seaming on the sweatervest is my best to date!

And he loves it!

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  1. It looks so nice on him! You know I'm a huge fan. And, when you have little curly babies, you can knit them all matching ones :)

    You should probably get started on that, btw.