Thursday, February 16, 2012


Since I learned to knit, my mother has been telling me how much she wants mittens.  At first it was subtle, but over time she's gotten more boisterous. Example:

Mom: What are you knitting?  Mittens for your momma?
Me: This is a scarf.

My mitten apprehension was not out of laziness or unwillingness to make my mom happy, it was out of fear -- fear that mittens were too hard (and gloves were just ridiculous).  But I did it!  I made a pair of mini-mittens for Christmas ornaments and graduated to full size, functional, adult mittens.  So here mom, here's your stinkin' mittens.

The pattern is a little weird, the whole fabric seems too airy.  I considered sewing in a warmer lining but my mom said it wasn't necessary.  Oh well, it's her chilly-hands funeral.

Not fully satisfied with mitten attempt version 1, I used the yarn Eddie got me for our anniversary to make myself some mittens.

Knit with Tosh Sock in Baltic

They're still far from perfect (my thumbs are different sizes, whoops), but I love them.  They're warm and they make me feel like a crafty child.

 Used double-stranded fingering weight instead of DK yarn
Knit the whole set in 4s to avoid too small mittens (I don't think it was necessary)

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