Wednesday, August 3, 2011

To-knit list (and why I love them)

I just made my last yarn purchase of the summer (and I'm blogging about it now just in case I forget -- no more buying yarn!), so it's time for a knit-list!


My Eddie is dapper, oh so dapper, and he is quite fond of sweater-vests.  He loves the last sweater vest I made him, but I'm not completely satisfied with the project in hindsight.  Textured Vest by Erika Knight is knit flat, and flat stockinette, while cathartic, drags.  Nathan is knit in the round, which will save yarn and also make the pattern go more quickly.  The sides are ribbed, which will help achieve an ideal fit (I want slim fitting, ala Joseph Gordon Levitt in Inception).  This pattern is free!

It's about time I knit something by Jared Flood.  While this isn't technically his pattern, I credit him for sharing it with the knitterverse anyway.  I am so excited for heavyweight lace.  This pattern will be a challenge (I haven't knit exclusively off a chart before, I've never made a blanket before) but I'm looking forward to it.  Plus, it's beautiful.  This pattern is free!

(oh yes, I'm making another one)

My first go at this pattern went so beautifully, and despite being a large-ish shawl, I was never really bored by it (which is saying something).  Plus the outcome is stunning.  This time I'm using Chroma Fingering in Pegasus for the contrast color.  I love this pattern.

tiny owl knits Oh my Gosh.  I first fell in love with her designs when I made "Baby Lamb Cuffs", and I had been keeping an eye on her new designs ever since.  Imagine my jubilation when I found the beekeeper's quilt.  It's made from stuffed sock yarn puffs (so there's no need to line the opposite side of the quilt) using bits of yarn, so it's an amazing stash-buster.  Pay close attention to the charts and tips discussion board on Ravelry where people post charts (for free) to make things like bees, foxes, owls, and gnomes for your puffs!  I am so excited

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