Sunday, May 22, 2011

Om nom nom

 One of my professors is an Iowan, and the Heartland is certainly known for its corn.  While I usually stick to knitting goose-accessories for this professor, I decided to deviate a bit to incorporate his homeland.  Who doesn't want a little bit of home with them?

I decided to knit Corn by Kimberly Chapman.


  • I used 4s instead of 3s
  • I knit the corn in seed stitch (it looks all kernel-y!) and adjusted the increases/decreases accordingly
  • I completely misread the pattern and didn't lengthen the leaves of the husk at all before decreasing.  What a bummer.
  • I embroidered a happy face, closed the corn up, then decided my embroidery looked stupid.  My corn is face-less.  

Thanks to Ashley for giving me a might sack of extra yarn way back in the day.  The husk is knit from that stash!  

I used acrylic for the whole project, but I might want to knit another Corn-guy with cotton just so it's a bit cuddlier.  Although I doubt my professor will be cuddling this corn. 


  1. I hope ZMJ cuddles this. The vision in my mind is so cute o__o

  2. This is just cute as can be. I hope he appreciates your creativity and hard work. :0)