Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I love gift knitting.  I may obsess that the quality of the gift reflects both the quality of my relationship with the recipient and the quality of my knitting skills BUT I love it.  I really do.

I made a big stuffed owl for a very wise friend of mine.  The pattern, Big Snowy Owl by Purl Bee,  is lovely, squishy, and easy.  I used DeAire for the body and scraps of Vintage for the eyes and nose; I didn't like how bulky the eyes were in the Purl Bee sample.  I love Owlie, and he will be very missed in our home.  The way he would sit and stare, the way he would lie down and's and absence we're still feeling.

A tip: place markers between the body repeats!  Makes it easier and faster!

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