Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hemlock Ring Blanket

I started this bad-boy super early (September 7!) and managed to get in done in a month, with about two or three weeks dedicated to exclusive foot-dragging.  I am so silly.  This throw wasn't even that hard.

My first Jared Flood project!  Although it doesn't count because it's not really his design, more his charting of a vintage pattern.

I almost always fear giving hand-knit presents, especially to people who already own such nice things.  I convince myself that what I make for people must look like garbage next to some of the nicer things people purchase.  This fear echoes, and my confidence shakes as I hand over my gifts, eyes slightly downcast, a bit embarrassed.  I wonder if this afflicts other proponents of gifts handmade, or if my insecurities are uniquely heightened. 

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