Monday, December 12, 2011

Keep Holden On

Oh man, I am so punny.

In my early days of knitting, I remember looking at Holden Shawlette and thinking it was the most beautiful thing, yet so intricate and complicated.  Though my skill set grew over the years (I started my knitting adventures in fall of '09!), I never revisited Holden, absolutely convinced it was too challenging.

How silly I am.

I started this pattern in the early fall (October maybe) for an autumnal shawl.  Then my row count was off, and I thought I had enough stitches to start the lace but I was something like 14 rows off (I have no idea how that happen).  Disheartened, I ripped out the botched lace row and set it down.  For months.  In my desk.

I picked it up again a few days ago and bam!  Done.

I used MadTosh and accordingly modified the pattern in fear of yarn shortage -- I have one less lace repeat than the pattern dictates.  Other than that, everything's as written.

Thanks to my mom for taking the photos, and only kvetching a little throughout the process.

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  1. Wow, the color really flatters you! I'm such a fan of Madelinetosh oranges (I've got a skein of Citrus TML sitting on my shelf taunting me), but I don't have the coloring to pull it off so I'll have to find someone to knit for instead.

    Beautiful FO!